Nothing Else - The Recording Collective

Nothing Else

The Recording Collective


  1. Nothing Else (feat. Onaje Jefferson)


  • Music and lyrics: Cody Carnes 
  • Music and lyrics: Hank Bentley 
  • Music and lyrics: Jessie Early 
  • Producer: Chris Baker 
  • Mixing engineer: Salvo 
  • Mastering engineer: Bruno Gruel 
  • Lead Vocals: Onaje Jefferson 
  • Background vocals: Charlin Neal 
  • Guitar: Tyler Logan 
  • Keyboard: Chris Baker 
  • Drums: Calvin Carter 
  • Bass: Allen Golden Jr. 
  • Executive producer: Phillip Edwards 
  • Executive producer: Oscar Interiano 
  • Additional engineering: Jason Simmons 
  • Graphic design: Colton Anderson 


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